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Stumped about what gift to give?   
What do they really need? 
What color or size? 
What they really want but would never ask for?
What about cash?
Not just cash in a card, but a BOOK OF CASH!  

Real Money Book$ offers an alternative to the traditional cash in an envelope. Real Money Book$ is a book of real money, spendable money, that the receiver will enjoy receiving and be very thankful for. They can then buy something they really need or want. Unlike a gift certificate or a gift card, they can shop for what and where they want. No need to worry about a particular chain store or having to go to a shopping mall to redeem their gift certificate or card, they can go shopping right away. 

And remember, cash is universal and is accepted everywhere!

Real Money Book$ are unique with handsomely designed covers to celebrate any holiday or occasion. The book is bound using a method approved by the United States Department of Treasury and contains $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 dollar bills. Each book is made with 25, 50, 75 or 100 bills of a single denomination.  Each bill is new and has never been circulated. The recipient simply opens the book and removes as many bills as they wish to use without damaging the dollar bill.

In addition to the actual dollar value of the book, a book with a stock cover retails for just $10.00 each plus shipping & handling. ($8.00 each for orders of 5 or more books.)  Customized covers are available for an additional $5.00 per book. (Special pricing is available for business promotions and books sold as fund raisers.)  Whether you purchase one or multiple books, you may choose from any of the cover styles offered.


Payment by cash, check or money order must be received before order is shipped.  Real Money Book$ orders will be shipped within 3-7 days after payment is received.